Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wow, it's been too long!

So I've never been a good at keeping a journal. I dont know what I was thinking when I started a blog, but here's an attempt to update what has been going on these last 2-ish years! We bought a new home, had another baby, I went part-time at work, Alec is going into 4th grade, Paul...well, nothing new with Paul. Here are some photos to update you where we are in life!

look mom! it's a baby! (5 weeks early I might add!)I didnt have a thing ready for her. My plan was to get it done that week and she beat me to it!

When researching for a blessing dress I found myself looking into prom and wedding dresses for when she's older. SCARRY!!

My Easter Chicks

My favorite picture of Ryker! This was taken in Spokane, WA one day before his surgery (October 19, 2010). He had corrective surgery on his kidney/ureter/bladder for the hydronephrosis. It's so hard to see your babies hurt.

So Ryker got a mini trampoline for his 2nd birthday. And this is what I catch him doing a couple days later. Jumping from the couch to the trampoline. What a monkey. Very surprised I dont have any broken bones.

This is Alec at a recent Pine Wood Durby (Feb. 2011). He invited his best friend Alex. These two kids are fun to watch!

I'll try to do better about posting! Promise!! -Chante

Friday, September 4, 2009

Jon Schmidt

I have always enjoyed the talent of Jon Schmidt. His music was introduced to me through a friend about 5 years ago and he is always played on Sundays when I am trying to feel the spirit in the mix of getting ready for church. If you dont know who he is, he taught himself to play and is just amazing. To be honest I dont know much more than that nor do I need to because he's just simply awesome. The reason for the post was because I ran into this clip on youtube and the songs are two of my favorites. Everyone will recongize the two pieces so I wont name them, and believe me you'll enjoy. (He explains why he plays the two arrangements together.)

Buen Provecho (even though you arnt eating),
-Chante (sorry he disabled the embed)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I love to see the Temple

We recently went down to Utah to pick up my niece Willow and spend some time with our extended family. While we were down there we had the opportunity to attend the open house for the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. It is a beautiful temple set up on a hill over looking West Jordan. The inside was just breath taking and I was over come with how much our Heavenly Father loves us and want us to return to live with Him again some day. I was pleased that I was able to be in such a special place with my husband Paul and our two kids. I am sure that wont happen for again for a long time so I was soaking in every minute of it. I love sitting in the celestial room looking into the mirror with my son Alec and explaining to him what eternity can mean if we try hard to be an eternal family. Thank you Heavenly Father for a blessed moment like this one.

Party Time

Alec had his party the day before his birthday. He didn't want to have it at a pool, and I thought because it was in the middle of summer it wasn't nice to make people sit in the summer heat so we compromised on having it at a Hockey arena. Alec had always talked about wanting to play hockey so this went over well.

Little did he know that this was going to be a harder than it looked and so he quickly blamed me for having the party there. I was already upset because the building was not cleaned, they were not prepared for us (tables and chairs) and they didnt have the old lady walkers to help the kids learn to skate like they said they would. So we had a little tiff at the party.

It quickly resolved and he was on his way back to the ice to skate. Then it was time to open presents. He was so excited and loved everything he got. Especially his luchador mask that Aunt Kalena and Uncle Ryan gave him.

so much so that he came down one day dressed like this!

gotta love it!

Alec's Baptism Day

These last couple of week have been full and I am just now getting to updating our blog.

Alec was baptized on his birthday (July 18th) by his dad, Paul. It was a special experience because we were able to have his paternal father come up for a visit during this time. There was a very special feeling in that room that Alec could not deny, and he wore it on his face all day long. We had been working with Alec all year long on the subject of baptism and it wasnt until that day that he understood exactly what we were talking about. We are so proud of you Alec and your decision to be baptized.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday night

I am still trying to find a work schedule that fits with my family life and everything else I am involed with. So this last week I worked Saturday, Sunday, Monday. I slept a good part of Tuesday (which was a horrible idea) and then had a hard time sleeping Tuesday night. Paul came home Tuesday with a computer program (Photoshop) and I began to regret wanting it once I saw how confusing it is, which is a totally different story, but important none the less. So anyhow, Paul comes in around 12:30 and says, "hey, lets go to bed". I said, "well, I'll be up in a sec I want to finish this picture". So I get up there and he said, "I am so glad you're home. I've missed you being in bed with me, lets cuddle." code word for: it's business time. I said, "well, honey, I really wanted to work on that program and I'm not all that sleepy" (trying to get out of the whole situation without totally hurting his man pride). He begans to get all huffy puffy and I got a get out of jail free card. Once I was satisfied (or frustrated) with what I was working on I went up to bed and tried climbing in quietly. All of a sudden Paul pops up like a wild bush man and takes a swing at me punching me in the face! (no bruises yet) "WHAT THE? OUCH, PAUL, WHAT'D YA DO THAT FOR PSYCHO?!" Immediately he began aftermath clean up by holding me close, rubbing my face, and repeatedly apologizing for his actions. It was an interesting evening to say the least. Well, the reson for the video was becaues we were joking that night about the song "business time". The Flight of the Concords is a television show we watch on occation that's on HBO. Enjoy the video and try not to laugh too hard!!

A pedi with my boys

So, every now and then a girl needs to get a pedicure but especially us RNs who are on their feet the whole shift. I go with a friend about every 2-4 wks and we just sit to jib-jab about nothing and everything (mainly how annoyed we are that the asian women are talking about us- watch comedy video below!!) Anyhow, the reason for the post was because I had to take my kiddos with me this last time and Alec wanted to pick out the color. The last time I went I got purple and they painted on pretty flowers. Well, the pictures say it all. I agreed to do it for a couple of reasons. #1- Alec is too cute to say no to. #2 It's summer, and why not? #3 Thought how bad could it be, right? So when they asked me to pick out my color Alec ran up and picked out this bright green color. My inital reaction was "wow alec, really, you must not love me!" He gave me this look of, get over it mom! So, I said sure, why not. Then he saw the different designs that they could do and decided that a dragonfly would be better than a flower. I have to say the I really do enjoy the dragonfly. It's growing on me.

So the reason for the video is because when my friend and I were there my boys were sitting right next to me watching my beautiful purple disapear and transition into green dino toes. The employees that were working with my friend and I were looking at Ryker and Alec and talking amongst themselves (I guess I should preface the story with how great Alec tans and how white Ryker is right now.) So, I interject into their story stating, "it's a shame my kids dont look anything like me." They share a polite laugh with me and continue to talk in their native language. I look over at my friend and with her eyes I know she too knows that they are talking about my two boys. So we continue with our pedicure and then about 4-5 minutes later my lady says, "they are both your sons?" UM YEAH! THAT'S WHAT I JUST SAID NOT 5 MINUTES AGO LADY! What am I to assume from that question? I dont know this lady, so do I tell her that they have two different dads and all the other intimate details of my life? I guess I was just a bit annoyed because I was being talked about right in front of me and could do nothing about it. I dont go in there with my friend and start talking about what they are wearing or how their nails look horrible for a nail place right in front of them. I think next time I am going to take in a translator so that I can at least hear what is being said about me. ahrg....